Brown Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Every now and then I get a little bit ambitious in the number of bananas that I buy and I end up with a few leftover bananas that start to brown. There are many brown banana recipes ranging from brown banana pancakes to banana bread. One of my favorites is Brown Banana Ice Cream Recipe.

You can make a delicious ice cream substitute with just two simple ingredients. If you are on Weight Watchers it’s a zero point dessert which can be hard to come by. This banana ice cream’s texture is creamy and rather easy to make, it just takes a little bit of time and patience with your food processor.

I served mine plain but the possibilities are kind of endless here. You could make an ice cream cone, sundae, or ice cream cookie. It’s a healthy base for a delicious dessert and it’s so guiltless… giving you some flexibility on the toppings.If you are looking for a quick and easy brown banana recipe this is it. You’ll never wander what to make with leftover bananas again, this Brown Banana Ice Cream Recipe is your answer.


brown banana ice cream

brown banana ice cream3


Brown Banana Ice Cream


  • 3-4 Bananas
  • 2 t Vanilla Extract


  • Place parchment or wax paper on plate
  • Slice bananas an put onto plate
  • Put plate in freezer for 3-4 hours until bananas are frozen
  • Put frozen slices of banana and vanilla into your food processor and puree until smooth. This may take some time but stick with it. If the texture isn't as creamy as you'd like you can add some milk.
  • Serve immediately.

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